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Smile In Grief

My heart can't take anymore of the news. It's a constant battle for me to be informed so I can grieve with those who are grieving yet it can become so consuming that it keeps me awake at night with an aching heart. I struggle because this is someone's real life. It's stories to us but it's their life and they can't just turn off the tv and shut down from it like we can. Last night I stayed up extremely late wishing and praying I could ease the hearts of so many fellow mothe r's last night. Wishing that a hug would take away all of their hurt. Praying that they could all find some peace and comfort amidst the suffering. I stayed awake wishing the poor mother at Disney knew I was thinking of her, knew that I was crying with her. Wishing the mother's from the Orlando mass shooting victims knew that my heart weighed heavier because of their losses. My heart can't take much more heartache and tragedy and grief for this week. Go do something

Open Letter To The Mothers That Lost A Child In Pulse Shooting

Dear Mothers that lost a child in Orlando shooting, We see you, the whole world sees you but especially the other mothers of the world see you. Today when you received that phone call and suffered one of the greatest losses to a mother, in that moment your child became our child. As mothers we know your child could have very easily been our child. This is painful and it's not fair. It's an hurt that will never go away. A hurt that no parent should have to feel. You are not alone. You have a community of mothers near and far that don't care that your child was at a night club and that don't care about your child's sexual orientation. We care that they were your joy. Your purpose, the best thing that ever happened to you and the one person no mother wants to live without. We care that they were someone's child. Someone's best friend, someone's sibling, someone's soul mate. They were someone's anchor, support system and joy. To t

Enjoy Heaven

Sometimes the weather just fits the mood. They say tears are the price we pay for loving someone so much. Some might say my grandfather is gone but the reality is he just made it where we are all striving to go, home. He lived a life full of laughter and joy. We were able to share those memories of him yesterday. This isn't goodbye but rather we will see you again. Enjoy Heaven until we all get there to enjoy it with you. # grief   # loss   # healing   # family   # grandfather   # ripgrandpa   # grandad # grandparents   # hope   # bereavement   # funeral   # youshouldbehere # outskirtsofheaven   # heaven  #healing  # faith  #hope