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No Elves or Santa Welcome Here

I’ll wait right here while you pick your mouth up off the floor

I’ll even wait another minute so you can ready your fingers for all the mom shaming you are about to do

We don’t do Santa or elves on the shelf at our house. We never have and I am not a bad mom for it

Don’t get me wrong when my oldest could understand we went with the whole Santa thing and with fear in his eyes he said, “So someone we don’t know sneaks into our home at night when we are asleep?”

That was the beginning of the end for Santa in our home

When people ask them what they want Santa to bring them they aren’t rude and don’t ruin it for everyone else by saying he isn’t real

We don’t do elves that watch our every move because the reality is that will only last for so long anyways

Go ahead and tell me I am crushing their childhood memories but you guys I just don’t have time to make sure I take care of an elf at our house and I don’t want to. I have a husband, three boys, and a dog, I’m good

I didn’t have an elf on the shelf growing up and my childhood was just fine

In fact we were so poor I didn’t have Santa either because try explaining to a child living in low-income housing that Santa just simply didn’t show up

So let’s applaud the moms that are coming up with these amazing elf stories and keeping Santa under wraps and lets applaud the moms that are finally saying “enough is enough” because they know their limits instead of shaming them


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