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Open Letter To The Mom Boycotting Disney Over Beauty and the Beast

I've debated on writing this. I've deleted it a hundred times but sometimes the hardest things to write are those that mean the most. They are the things that are scariest to say because they need to be said, they are the things that if you don't stand up and say, who will? 
Today I'm standing up, I'm saying it....
To The Mom Boycotting Disney Over Beauty and the Beast,
Growing up some of my most cherished memories with my Mom and Grandmother were spent watching Disney movies together. I won't sit here and list all my favorites but Beauty and the Beast were on my top five list.
Want to know why? Because I was a child who simply saw the moral of the story. Someone was rejected because they were different and someone loved them and it changed them. You see that's what love does, it changes people.
My vision wasn't clouded by adult issues. My Mom didn't point out that there were all sorts of "issues" with the movie that might go against our f…
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When Father's Day Looks Different

There are the moments in your life that go from normal to knocking the breath right out of you
Moments that you try to burn in your memory so hard. Moments where you look around at every little detail as you stand there in that very moment knowing in that fog that if this is truly the end of a before and the beginning of an after then you want your memory to recall everything about it
Yet at the same time you want to forget every single thing about those moments
You don't want to remember the way it made you feel, the smells, the sounds and the tears that hurt so bad streaming down your face
You cry for all the moments that could have been, that never were and may never be
You cry because that last "I love you" wasn't good enough
You are stuck somewhere in limbo of not knowing if this is temporary or permanent. A bump in the road or a valley
Either way I'll stand here in silence and he will never know I was there. I'll take in every detail from the way our chins ide…

Dogs, Grief & A Little Rae Dunn

We became owners of this sweet Boston Terrier, Drake a year ago. 

Our intentions were to have a dog that the boys could grow up with. Deep down I also knew the words of my Mom how a house isn't a home and is not complete without a dog.  My Moms oldest dog Riley stuck by her side until the morning she was taken to the hospital and would leave us forever. After she was gone he laid in her bed and didn't move from the spot she was in the entire day. The love of a dog love is unconditional and timeless.
I know my Mom would have loved sweet Drake and seeing him with the boys. Having him here with us brings a small sense of having my Moms memory still here and her big heart for dogs.

Do you have a pet that reminds you of your loved one? A pet that helps calm you when the waves of grief hit? If so, tell me about them!

A Funeral For Grief

Fellow grievers, we are here today to bid farewell to our grief

A mini funeral if you will πŸ’€

Letting go of how we thought grief should be, letting go of how others tell us grief should be, saying goodbye to where we thought we would be on our grief journey by now

Our eulogy to grief will include a lot of "thank you's" and a lot of "goodbyes"

You won't be asked to say anything you don't mean and you won't be asked to tell grief that you are letting it go completely. We are just bidding farewell πŸ‘‹πŸ»to the parts that are getting us stuck. The parts where grief makes us think it has a hold on us when it doesn't, we have a hold on the grief. The parts that get us thinking our grief should look a certain way, act a certain way and say certain things

So consider yourself cordially invited πŸ’Œ to a mini funeral for your grief, for my grief and for everyone that will meet grief face to face after us.

Before any further adue, please let me share with you my eu…

How To Fail At Giving A Book Review

I'm going to be totally transparent with this post ✨ I'm a grief blogger but first and foremost I'm a Mom
✨ A lot of days those two worlds collide like when I'm trying to make a post to tell you about this amazing book "Where Did My Sweet Grandma Go?" which you can find on She also has one for the loss of a Grandpa
✨ Trying to take pictures while reading them this beautiful book seemed like a great idea, more along the lines of a Pinterest fail idea
✨ So here you go, a grief bloggers how to guide on capturing a Pinterest fail during a book review, you are welcome
✨ On here you won't find me sharing about books or resources for a griever that I don't truly believe in and this is one I highly recommend
✨ Any excuse for me to talk to the boys about their Nana in Heaven is a good excuse for me. It has questions at the end of the book to ask and help children feel comfortable with asking questions themselves about losing Grandma. It gives you ideas …

Self-Care First Aid Kit On The Grief Journey

You might be wondering what in the world me juggling all these different items has anything to do with grief
✨ Before I lose you, let me explain
✨ Grief drains us mentally, emotionally and physically. It doesn't matter if it's grief from losing a loved one, a breakup, divorce, ending a friendship, change in career or maybe just the realization that one day life isn't where you thought it would be for you right now. There is grief in all of those things and more
✨ Over the years I've learned how important my health is to my mental health in grief
✨ From what I eat, drink, how much I get, my exercise (I use that term very loosely πŸ˜Ά) and even my self-care ✨ This body fuels me through grief and the valleys when I get stuck in them on this journey. I can't run on empty and expect to glide through this grief journey
✨ Do these things help you get over your grief faster? Absolutely not! However, these things will help keep you mentally and physically able to face grief head on…

Happy Mother's Day To The Motherless Daughters

To the Motherless Daughters hugging a headstone instead of their Mom.

To the Motherless Daughters longing to hear their voice just one more time.

To the Motherless Daughters visiting graveyards instead of homes.

To the Motherless Daughters looking through old pictures of Mother's Day's from the past because it's all they have.

To the Motherless Daughters avoiding social media today.

To the Motherless Daughters not wanting a nap or flowers or gifts but just wanting their Mom back for one more day today.

To the Motherless Daughters filled with grief.

To the Motherless Daughters feeling lost without them today.

To the Motherless Daughters wishing they would just walk through that door and today would be a bad dream.

To the Motherless Daughters wanting to skip over today.

To the Motherless Daughters wanting one more hug or to hear "I love you" one last time.

To the Motherless Daughters filled with regrets and "I'm sorry's" that were never said.

To …