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The Price We Pay For Loving Someone

Grief, it's the price we pay for loving someone so much. I couldn't understand why I was feeling the heaviness of grief then it hit me, her anniversary followed by her birthday is right around the corner. It's funny because it's like my heart knows it before my mind processes it. I never want to push grief aside, I just no longer choose to let it control me. I went outside and sat on the back porch with a soda. Some of the sweetest moments with my mom were spent on a back porch with a soda in hand and conversations about everything and nothing. About things that matter and things that don't. I turned up the music to some of her favorite songs and listened to the words. Grief means facing the unknown one day at a time but always knowing you are never alone with every step. Face the grief, embrace it and you might find it brings you comfort instead of hurt.

Open Letter to the Motherless Daughter on Mother's Day

If I could sit down and chat with motherless daughters on their first Mother's Day without Mom, this is what I would say: Dear Motherless Daughter, Today is going to be shitty, there is no other way to say it. You will see friends celebrating on social media with their own Mom. You will want to wish the day away. You will wish it didn't exist at all. The the minute it's over, you will begin to countdown and dread the next one. The first one hurts the worst. Your sounding board, the person who knew you best, the woman that knew every detail of your life and loved you. Then one Mother's Day something really beautiful happens. You forget the reasons you cried on the first Mother's Day without her. The pain doesn't sting as bad and the sad memories don't prevail. One Mother's Day you smile and think of all the good memories. You talk to her, you send her a balloon, you talk about her, you realize that because of her you are surviving this Mother's Day and …

Mother's Day Except I'm Motherless

Everyone is over here asking for massages, naps, vacations and lavish gifts for Mother's Day.

I'm over here just asking to have my Mom back from Heaven to celebrate the day with.

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