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Open Letter to the Families of the Woodmore Bus Crash Victims

To the Families of the Woodmore Bus Crash Victims:

I would give anything to take this hurt away from you. Anything to make this all a bad dream and for you to have that baby back in the warmth of your hug.

Yesterday evening on that bus your precious children became all of our children. We all knew in a second that it could have been us.

My God how I'm so sorry it was you and your babies.

I wish I could rewind yesterday for you and let you pause it whenever you want for one more hug, one more kiss, one more "I love you", one more chance to really study every last detail of their face, every last curve of their smile and really soak in every sound of their laugh.

I know I can't but from one parent to another, if I could do that for you I would.

I know your heart is shattered into a million pieces. Nothing this side of Heaven could ever mend it is how I imagine you feel. The weight of grief is so heavy right now, almost suffocating.

Just breathe

I know yesterday your w…

Cooking With Margie's Memory

Whipping up my Margie's Banana Bread using her recipe. A few years ago she wrote out all of my favorite recipes she would make and sent it to me. I knew it was a priceless treasure.
I would call her and I would cook some of these very recipes as she would walk me through it step by step. I'll never take this handmade cookbook for granted. I'll never make these recipes and not hear her joyful laugh or see her contagious smile. I'll never eat these meals without being taken back to Margie's house, standing at the counter helping her make some of these very recipes when I was little. Today I'm there in my memories cooking again with my Margie. #heaven#motherlessdaughters#faith#angel#grief#loss#joy#healing#recipe#cookbook#grandmother#ripmom#grandparent#memories#love#support#memory

Candles for Mom

My beautiful Mom loved candles. My home is flooded with them and every single time I go to light one I think of her. This candle is extra special. Last Mother's Day Faithful Scents Candles had a Mother's Day contest. I normally don't enter them because I'm the only one that can't tell everyone where I am going with my Mom for dinner. Can't tell them what I bought her and won't have any new pictures to post with her on that special day. I entered it anyways. I faced my fears what others would think when I entered because I would be sharing my favorite memories of her from the past and all the things I hope she's doing in Heaven on Mother's Day. I won The beautiful owner will never know what that did for me that day. How it was a stepping stone in my grief to show me that it's okay to be the only one with the Mom in Heaven and still share memories of her for Mother's Day. Every time I light this candle I think of my Mom and a new Mother's Da…

My Moms Choice of Friends

My Moms choices of friends and acquaintances in her lifetime speak volumes about her and them even now. At a High School class reunion last night they not only chose to remember her but to let me know they remembered her. They let me know they missed her and loved her. I don't think there is anything more important to a griever than knowing your loved one is still remembered by others. To the MHS Class of 81, thank you isn't sufficient for what you did for my heart. Thank you for taking the time to remember my Mom. Thank you for letting me see her name. Thank you for showing me that true friends and acquaintances don't just stop loving you or forget you after you are gone. Thank you for showing me the meaning of true friendship.

Flashback to Moms 2nd Year in Heaven

These pictures were taken on the anniversary of her 2nd year in Heaven. I was surrounded by friends that had never even met my Mom. They loved her because they loved me. Years later some of them have lost their own Mom, Dad or grandparent.
Looking back on that day, it was so hard. Looking back on that day I realize how much stronger I've become. How much I have survived. How much I've learned about my grief. You could be me in that picture right now on this journey. Crying until it hurts every time you have to say their name. Praying that one day that ache deep in the pit of your heart will one day ease. To you I say, you can do this! It's scary, it's hard, it hurts, it aches. My goodness does it ache in your heart. I can tell you this, grief does become beautiful. Because of your loved one you find this beauty in each day, you learn how to carry them with you each day in ways that don't ache but bring joy. I don't know when that day will happen for you or if it ha…

Because Being Kind Is More Important Than Being Right

Regardless who you voted for yesterday, I still love you. Regardless as to how you feel about who I voted for, I still love you. Regardless if you feel as though I am for or against everything a presidential candidate stands for and I'm wrong, I still love you. Regardless as to who won last night, regardless as to who lost last night, I still love you. Know that just because today you may feel as though your candidate lost the battle, she opened the door for another future woman to become President and win an even bigger battle. Just be thankful we live in a country where we are allowed to have a voice and vote at all. Let's not choose to cause more grief to those that are hurting this morning. Know that their grief is real and it does matter. Instead, let's just let everyone know we love them. Life is too short for anything less than that. #donaldtrump#hillaryclinton#presidentialelection#electionhangover#grief#bekindnov9

Random Acts of Kindness the Morning After the Election....Say What?!

Today a lot of Americans woke up sad, hurting, angry, anxious and scared. Today a lot of Americans woke up in grief over last nights Presidential election. Today a lot of Americans woke up and began feuding with their neighbors, coworkers, friends, loved ones and complete strangers over who they voted for, over who won & over who lost. Today I woke up just thankful to live in a place that lets my voice be heard. A place that allows me to get a chance to vote. Then something beautiful happened. The car in front of me at the donut shop paid for my order the morning after the Presidential election. They even told the cashier to tell me "sorry" because they cut me off. You guys, neither one of us had a sticker for "Hillary" or "Trump" on our cars. They didn't have any clue if I voted for someone different from them. They didn't know if we had opposing views on things or not. They didn't know if I wanted to "Make America Great again" or…