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Happy Mother's Day To The Motherless Daughters

To the Motherless Daughters hugging a headstone instead of their Mom.

To the Motherless Daughters longing to hear their voice just one more time.

To the Motherless Daughters visiting graveyards instead of homes.

To the Motherless Daughters looking through old pictures of Mother's Day's from the past because it's all they have.

To the Motherless Daughters avoiding social media today.

To the Motherless Daughters not wanting a nap or flowers or gifts but just wanting their Mom back for one more day today.

To the Motherless Daughters filled with grief.

To the Motherless Daughters feeling lost without them today.

To the Motherless Daughters wishing they would just walk through that door and today would be a bad dream.

To the Motherless Daughters wanting to skip over today.

To the Motherless Daughters wanting one more hug or to hear "I love you" one last time.

To the Motherless Daughters filled with regrets and "I'm sorry's" that were never said.

To …

To The Motherless Daughter At Church On Mother's Day

I see you quietly giving yourself a pep talk a few weeks before that Sunday morning service. I see you hiding in the bathroom on the floor crying knowing a day that you can't stop is slowly approaching. A day that doesn't make you cry just because she's gone but because it takes you back to the times you sat on the cold bathroom floor with her as she cried to the Heaven's just begging to be okay again, begging to get to be your Mom for just one more day. It's a day that takes you back to your new reality and what got you there. 
It's more than just an empty seat beside you on the pew that Sunday morning on Mother's Day.

You've changed your mind and your clothes a million times finding every excuse just to stay home. Just to sulk or spend the day with your little family and not really even recognize the holiday.

I hear you as you silently pray on your way through the church doors that morning. Knowing that you are about to have to face this day head on …

Lessons I Learned On Grief From A Columbine Survivor

This grief journey takes you places you never saw coming. It brings people across your path that you might have never otherwise crossed. Your lives may not have ever intersected otherwise and when you meet them you wonder how you went so long without knowing someone like them.

I met one of those people on this grief journey a few weeks ago. We talked and it was like we had known each other our entire lives. As if we had walked this grief journey together without even realizing it.

Talking to her has impacted my life in a way I might not ever be able to explain. The perspective she has given me and the inspiration she is to myself and others is rare, to be honest.

You might be wondering what a Motherless Daugther and Columbine Survivor would have in common. It's on two completely different ends of the spectrum yet we have more in common than almost anyone I've ever met.

Grief, plain and simple.

We both have a before and after. We both have dates and times that will forever ling…