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This Is Motherhood

This is motherhood

You see, I gave up my vanity a long time ago, seven years ago to be exact

I brave the grocery store with no makeup on unafraid of who I will run into

I face the mall in my yoga pants that don’t even know what yoga is and haven’t see a gym

I walk right into any restaurant with my hair that they now call a messy bun but mine has evolved to somewhere in between a birds nest and Medusa’s hair

In fact today I drove right up to the school pickup line with my shirt on backwards which my husband kindly informed me of when he got home, with mismatched sandals because my dog is mad at me and chewed up my other one and my stretchy pants because following the rules for that healthy lifestyle just wasn’t fitting well into my routine

They tell you motherhood is messy but my friends they don’t tell you how freeing it truly is, they forget to say that you can simply walk out of your house like this and if anyone asks to say, “ I have a toddler at home” and you don’t need to say any…

The Me Before I Became Mom

Don’t be confused, that’s the same person you are seeing

On the left, that’s me before I became a mom

Oh how I remember her

She had endless time to get ready, put on makeup fix her hair and even coordinate outfits with jewelry. She even had time to go the beach and get a tan

Then there’s the mom version of me

The one that walks in the department store, heads straight for the yoga pants and cosmetics counter and says, “I need all your wrinkle cream and concealer that can hide the fact that I haven’t slept in seven years now”

The one that walks out of the house with mismatched everything including random items in her hair, isn’t sure she owns any jewelry other than her wedding ring because toddlers have used her bracelets as a sling shot and feels like Target is her girls night out

But I honestly don’t miss her, the old me, the one before I became a mom

She had no clue how to Netflix and chill, she was always on the go, always much too busy. She blew money on makeup and clothes and fan…