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This Kind Of Love

“You have this thing that most people spend their entire lives trying to find”
• That’s what my uncle said to me over the phone as I stood there and scrubbed that night's dinner off the table. As I stood there feeling more like Cinderella than some princess that has everything others only dream of
• As I stood there tired from being up with one little one since six in the morning, no naps and no time to even sit down and eat the dinner I made yet because we still needed to bath, brush teeth, read a book and snuggle in bed
• Oh yes, I’m living the dream over here I silently thought to myself
• “I’m not talking about the messes, I’m talking about the love you have. That’s what makes scrubbing those tables so sweet”
• After we got off the phone I stared at that messy table
• I looked past the dried up spaghetti and I saw what he was talking about
• I saw the things that sometimes life causes me to turn a blinds eye to
• I saw the love that started this whole thing all those years ago
• The l…

You’re going to miss this

You’re going to miss this

That’s what everyone said to me when I was carrying each baby

You’re going to miss this

That’s what they said to me when I was nine months pregnant, couldn’t see my feet but pretty sure they were no longer existent and I was just ready to have this baby in my arms and out of my belly

You’re going to miss this

That’s what they said to me with tears streaming down my face, the same spit up covered T-shirt from the night before and no sleep when I asked if I would ever sleep more than two straight hours ever again for the rest of my life

You’re going to miss this

That’s what they said when that sweet little angel baby started destroying everything in his path with a temper that could scare even the bravest of souls

You’re going to miss this

That’s what they said when I couldn’t leave my house without everything but the kitchen sink. When I had diapers and wipes and an extra change of clothes for me and baby. When I had bottles to bring and formula and extra form…

This Is Us Is ALL of Us

I keep seeing posts where some are no longer watching the television show This Is Us especially the most recent episode with a very heavy topic

Let me say, I get it and my heart hurts for those that feel too close to the show's topic and can’t watch it because it hurts too much

I won’t be one of those people not watching this show and it hurts me too

When they sit there talking to an urn that was once a father and I cry because that’s my life with my mom

When I watch someone on the show go through cancer and die, I lose a little piece of my heart because that’s my life. I’ve watched someone I love the most die to that horrible disease

When they go through grief and it’s raw and you hear about their father dying. When Rebecca sits there in shock as the doctor tells her Jack is gone, just like that and the disbelief consumes her, I've lived that with my mom. My mind races back to the day the doctor told me over the phone she was gone

But I won’t stop watching the show

You see th…

This Motherhood Is a Sisterhood

I’ve sat back and watched as social media chewed up and spit moms out

I’ve watched them come in swarms with words that cut to the core as their weapons of choice

I’ve even tried to step in a time or two but the mob mentality was already set and the battle lines were drawn

Anyone that crosses them and tries to recuse the poor mom and her soul on the other end of the comments will be lashed out at with twice the force from mom-shamers everywhere

You are either too perfect or a complete slob

You breastfed too long and that’s gross but when you couldn’t any longer and bottle feed your baby, you are a quitter

You had too many kids or how dare you just have one

You let your child climb the wrong way up the slide at the park, what kind of mom are you? You tell them to stop and you just stopped them from learning a vital necessity of growing up

You allow them to have feelings in public and not stop them, what kind of mother allows their child to act that way?? You stop them and what kind of m…

This Wasn't Just A House, It Was HER Home

To those that move in next to this house, they will never know that some of my best and worst moments reside here in those four walls

They will never know that this house is not just any house, it was her home. Filled with the only memories I have left of her

You see that living room, there was a nice couch that took up much of the space. On that very couch, in that very living room is the place she told me she had terminal cancer. That very living room is where my world came to a complete stop

You see that room in the back, that was her room. In that very room was a bed she would lay in sick from treatment. In the corner of that room was a chair that I would sit in many nights, watching closely making sure she was still with me

That bathroom is where I would hold her had on the floor when she was sick and weak. The second bedroom is where I would help her email friends that were out of state to tell them the news that she was terminal

That back porch is filled with the best memories…