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The Secret To Weight Loss

Today I lost a lot of weight

Here are my before and after pictures

Everyone is always seeking the secret to weight loss and wants a quick fix

I've heard it all from exercise every day. Drink plenty of water and cut out bread and sugars. Try this shake

You guys, do you understand that my body needs at least one Dr. Pepper or coffee a day to function

So let me share with you my tried and true ways to quickly and easily have weight loss success

Stop carrying the weight of feeling like you have to fit back into those pre-baby jeans six weeks after having a child or else you aren't a good mom

Stop carrying the weight the world puts on your shoulders making you think the size of your jeans and the numbers on the scale define you as a mom, wife, best friend, girlfriend, sister because they don't

Stop carrying around the idea that you have to starve yourself to look and feel pretty

Stop carrying the weight that you pick up from someone else's highlight reel …
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Mediocre Mom Life Looks Good After Irma

I had a quick five-minute phone conversation with a friend and my kitchen floor ended up like this
• It was so darn worth it
• That normal conversation of something other than the fear of losing our homes or not being able to find water from Irma
• Instead, she said, "I just filled up my truck with gas and I'm on my way to Walmart for groceries" we both laughed realizing it wasn't something we had been able to say for a while
• The most normal conversation I've had in over a week and it was my favorite
• That's when I came back to find tiny goldfish that were intentionally crushed all over my kitchen floor
• That's when I laughed
• My God this was the first normal mom moment I've had in a week. It was one I wasn't sure I would ever get to have again since I didn't know this time last week that we would have a home or hardwood floors
• This messy goldfish massacre on my kitchen floor brought me so much joy this morning
• I happily vacuumed up their lit…

The Day My Mom Became Part Of My Evacuation Plan

If you live in any part of Florida like we do then chances are you have an evacuation plan • My plan probably looks a little different than yours
• Even though we were prepared when that category 4 possibly 5 took a turn for us and we were in her path that evacuation plan went out the window
• We grabbed all the things that we could never replace and out the door, we went that Saturday morning
• As a Mom and at that moment an evacuee, I went through everything in my mind over and over with what we left
• Stuck in traffic I suddenly realized we left something or someone per say
• I instantly called my friends and my Dad
• Me: You guys, I left her
Friends & Dad: Who?! My God who did you leave?!
Me: Mom, I left my Mom
Friends: We will go get her!
Dad: Wait, Nikki, are you okay, your Mom died?!
Me: Her urn, I left her urn
Dad also: Looks like she's riding out Irma
• And that my friends is how my Mom got added to my evacuation plan
• I'm also happy to report she did, in fact, ride out Irma …

Irma Shifted My Perspective

This is what our morning looks like post-hurricane Irma
• It looks like messy hair because I finally slept after a week of being awake watching news report after news report
• It looks like I've packed up most of my home and moved out then decided to move back in
• It looks like we thought all we were ever going to own was what is sitting in this little corner of my home
• It looks a lot like being grateful and thankful that I can sit on my own floor and write this. That I can be in my home with the roof over my head when I was prepared to have it leveled
• Post-hurricane Irma life looks a lot like a completely different perspective

To Those Facing Irma For Us, Thank You

Today could have looked a lot different for our family
• With tears in our eyes, we fled our home on the west coast of Florida in the path of Irma on Saturday
• As we fled we watched as men and women drove right into the path of Irma and down to southern Florida and the west coast to be prepared to help complete strangers
• We passed utility trucks, water trucks, tree services, the national guard and so many more all willing to face something we were running from
• You'll never understand the power in a moment like that. The moment of wondering if those men and women will be at your home the next day helping to clean up what's left of the only things you have
• I cried in our truck and wanted to hug them all, each and every single one as we passed
• Now on our way home, they are still driving down to help with the devastation and aftermath of Irma
• I can't hug them so instead, I made a sign that I'm holding up in the passenger side window every time we pass someone coming t…

Leaving It All Behind, Thanks Irma

I've thrown up more times than I can count
• The decision to leave was the hardest decision I have ever made in my life
• To those that judge that decision being hard, keep it to yourself
• You'll never understand the feeling of having to choose the possibility of being stranded on an interstate or desolate highway with three small children, no gas for miles and a hurricane on its way
• You'll never understand the feeling that risking it and staying might be safer at times
• You'll never understand the feeling of seeing your home, the people you love in the rearview mirror and wondering if things will ever be the same again
• You'll never understand taking a picture of the front of your home and wondering if it will be there when you come back
• You'll never understand driving for hours upon hours running from something that you can't control and can't protect your children from
• You'll never understand the scar this kind of thing makes on your life unles…

Facing The Storm

Today Irma is making me pack up as few possessions as I can in the back of my suburban and leave
Today Irma is making me decide which items hold value and which items I would be okay with if I never see them again
Today Irma is making me leave my first home full of so many memories. Not knowing if the way I leave it and remember it will be the same way we return to it
Today Irma is making me leave my best friend, her family and my Dad to face the path of her destruction 
Today Irma is making me leave so many I love and so many things I'll miss in the rearview mirror
Today Irma won, today she made me run with fear of the unknown
Today Irma made a scar on my life that can't be undone and I'm still unsure how deep that scar will run until all is said and done
Today Irma made me do scary and hard things
She also made me realize things don't matter. She made me get down on my hands and knees and pray for complete strangers in her path
She made me hug my babies and my neighbors a w…